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Breakdown of AEW Dynamite and NXT Ratings

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AEW Dynamite is still undefeated this year going up head-to-head against NXT in the ratings.

AEW Dyanamite received about 819, 000 viewers for a 0.34, while NXT had 669,000 viewers for a 0.20 rating.

AEW Dynamite was #2 on Wednesday night (news shows not included) in the 18-49 demographic, and #23 overall. This is down 12.1%, but only 2.9% in the very important demographic. 50 and over viewers had the biggest drop for the show.

Unfortunately NXT did not make the top 5o cable shows again. NXT came in at #16 (news shows not included), and #56 overall. This is up 23.4% overall and 25% in the demographic.