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Big Show Hints at Retiring – “All Great Things Come To An End”

Big Show - Wrestling Examiner

WWE Superstar Big Show had a very interesting interview with The Miami Herald. In the interview he talks about the new talent in WWE. He also hints that he is thinking about retiring from the ring.

“I came in as the youngest in the locker-room by 10 years in 1995, and now I’m one of the old ones still out there,” said the former World Heavyweight Champion. “We’ve got a lot of young, new, great talent deserving of TV time; they’re building their brand. New storylines for them. It’s a changing of the guard.”

He was asked about his future with WWE, which he then responded by saying:

“all great things come to an end.”

Big Show did say that he was currently looking at outside projects, but his “heart is with WWE.”

“I love helping the younger talent. I love representing WWE like with Make-A-Wish, Be a STAR, Special Olympics. I think I’ll always have a home in WWE,” he said. “I’ve had a great career and had a lot of fun. So whatever happens in the future, I’m gonna take it. If I get a phone call tomorrow, and Vince [McMahon] says, ‘Thank you very much. I appreciate everything you’ve done.’ Well, that said, I can hold my head high and go on and do other things.”