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Backstage News on Plans For The Rousey vs. Lynch Match At WM 35

Despite reports to the contrary, Charlotte Flair is reportedly locked in to be added to The Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch Singles Match at WrestleMania 35, according to Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program.

Lynch was originally scheduled to face Rousey at The Survivor Series PPV Event last November, however that match was changed after Lynch suffered a concussion from a punch from Nia Jax. Flair ended up facing Rousey instead and lost via disqualification. After the match, Flair viciously attacked Rousey.

The original plan was for Rousey to face Charlotte Flair at last month’s Royal Rumble PPV Event and then lose to Lynch at WrestleMania. WWE decided to add Flair to The WrestleMania Match instead because of the heat from their post-match angle at Survivor Series and because of how well that match was received.

Meltzer also pointed out how the term “main event” is being used on RAW to describe both The Lynch vs. Rousey Match and The Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar Match at WrestleMania. Just because Lynch has used the phrase on Twitter and Rousey dropped it on WWE TV doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the women will have the main event spot and Meltzer notes that McMahon probably won’t decide who does get it until the week of the event.

As previously reported, Lynch was kept off of WWE Live Events this past weekend to further sell the storyline that she has a serious knee injury. Lynch appeared on last Monday night’s RAW to accept an invitation from WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon, however, when she refused to see a doctor about her knee, Lynch was suspended indefinitely by Stephanie.