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Backstage News On Mike & Maria Kanellis’ New Deal With The WWE

It was previously reported that WWE 205 Live Superstars & real-life couple Mike & Maria Kanellis have re-signed with The WWE and the deal is said to be for a multi-year contract. Multiple sources have confirmed that the new deal is for 5 years and it will expire in June Of 2024.

According to Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program, the new deals will most likely have Mike & Maria Kanellis receive a lot more money than they use to. The report also states that WWE is trying to keep as many talents on the roster as they can and they are even offering more money than the wrestlers use to receive and the competition can offer, mainly All Elite Wrestling, because The WWE has more money than the competition does.

According to the report, WWE Officials are keen in having everyone signed to a 5 year deal which goes back to how they don’t want anyone leaving the company. While some wrestlers have been granted their releases this year, it was said that WWE is still trying to keep most of their talents locked in to deals, unless they are releasing them for disciplinary reasons.