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Backstage News On Kevin Owens’ Recent Promos

According to a news article from Sports Illustrated, SmackDown LIVE Superstar Kevin Owens has reportedly been cutting his recent promos on WWE TV without a script. It has been said that even though Kevin Owens has recently been working without a script on WWE TV, he has been working off of bullet points, which is being given to him by The SmackDown LIVE Writers.

As of late, Kevin Owens is being pushed as a babyface by the company, which is something that has been planned several months prior to him having to turn heel on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston as a result of Daniel Bryan suffering an injury at the time. Reports indicate that The Stunner was given by The WWE to Kevin Owens for him to use as a finisher as a way to help him get over as a strong babyface. Owens being allowed to cut his recent promos without a script shows that WWE has a lot of faith and confidence in him.

There is no word yet on where WWE is going with the current feud between Kevin Owens & Shane McMahon, but there has been some rumors and speculations that it will eventually lead to a match at next month’s WWE SummerSlam PPV Event between the two. As noted by the recent news article from Sports Illustrated, Kevin Owens’ push could really be elevated to new heights by having him make “short work” of Shane McMahon.