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AEW Source Calls TV Buy Reports “Total BS”

As previously reported, Tony Maglio of The Wrap recently appeared on an episode of The 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast and talked about AEW’s possible TV deal with Warner Media Group, which operates Turner Sports (TBS & TNT). Maglio said that AEW’s TV deal would actually be a time buy, where the company would be paying Turner to air their show.

Maglio said, “As excited as people are, they have cool t-shirts and a cool roster, you know, but they’re unproven, let’s be realistic.” “My understanding based on the people I’ve spoken to is that it would be more AEW paying for its time on TNT than Turner paying AEW for its show. Another very good wrestling reporter and I had been talking about whether that would be the case or whether it would be a revenue share, and we’d both heard rumblings and talked to people.”

A close source with AEW responded to the report, saying that it is “total bullsh-t.”

In addition to Turner, Showtime is reportedly also in talks with AEW regarding a deal. AEW is reportedly planning to air a weekly two-hour live show that will premiere in October.