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Triple H…Best for Business

In 2011, Triple H was named Vice President of Talent and Live events. In July of that same year, the on screen storyline called for him to “relieve” Vince McMahon of his duties on behalf of the board of directors. He would be recognized on screen as the Chief Operating Officer of WWE from that point forward. After inserting himself into the hottest angle professional wrestling had seen in over a decade (The Summer of Punk) and inexplicably putting himself over on CM Punk, Triple H would settle into his new role. In 2012, he gave the wrestling world one of it’s biggest gifts ever in the form of NXT. It was his and WWE‘s answer to the independent wrestling boom. Despite it’s initial start as a reality competition show, it eventually became the product we all love today. Even the first couple of seasons weren’t a total waste. The first one gave us Daniel Bryan and of course The Nexus. While the second one was at least won by a legit independent wrestling darling, Low-Ki. When all the kinks were worked out, what we got was more of a focus on the in-ring product rather than outrageous storylines, it was radically different from WWE‘s other programming. It felt more real, looked more real, and the booking actually made sense. All those things can be credited to Triple H. NXT is truly his baby. One day he will run WWE, but NXT will always represent the first time he truly got to call all the shots, and if the brand’s success, along with the success of the Cruiserweight Classic and the UK Tournament, is any indication, when Triple H finally takes over WWE, it’s going to be a good thing.

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