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Our Favorite Wrestling Potheads|Stoners|Marijuana Advocates

Sabu - Wrestling Examiner - WrestlingExaminer.comSabu -A well known wrestling stoner who was once pulled over by the Ohio state police in July of 2006 while driving with RVD. Now this wouldn’t have been much of an issue if he was still working for ECW, but he was already working for WWE. Of course WWE didn’t find this situation too humorous as his push stopped and instead of wrestling people like John Cena, like he did on the Vengeance pay-per-view (before being pulled over) , they put him on a program against The New Breed. He was later released on May of 2007.

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  • Ian Cruz

    This is rad. Had no idea Konnan was an avid puffer.

    • LatinKreation

      Yeah from my understanding he is a heavy user.

  • Dodger Blue

    Necro Butcher is one crazy mofo!!!

  • Eяωıи

    All these guys rock but Val Venis is the GOAT

  • Mario

    This is phenomenal! Happy 420! Great article.

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