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Macho Man Randy Savage: Unique Madness

Randy Savage arrived in the World Wrestling Federation in 1985, and was immediately billed as the “top free agent in wrestling.” Savage’s first televised appearance for the WWF came on an episode of Tuesday Night Titans, where established managers like “ClassyFreddie Blassie, Jimmy Hart, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan all offered up their services to the Macho Man. In a move that was truly ahead of its time, Savage chose to decline all those offers and would instead eventually go with his real life wife as his on screen manager, giving the world Ms. Elizabeth, the “First Lady of Wrestling.” Savage’s managerial preference wasn’t the only thing that made him stand out in the WWF. His choice of entrance music, the graduation song Pomp and Circumstance, might have seemed like an odd one at first, but in hindsight it’s absolutely clear that he made the right choice. The calmness and slow tempo of the song made it the perfect counterpart to Savage’s over the top character, and only served to enhance his legendary ring entrance. As if the female manager and unconventional entrance music didn’t make it clear that Savage was a revolutionary performer, he would go the extra mile and wear perhaps the most colorful and eye catching ring attire in wrestling history. Whether it was long luxurious robes, sunglasses with the word “Madness” written across the lenses, or cowboy hats in any highlighter color you could ever think of, Savage’s outfits were always attention grabbers and always made sure he didn’t blend in with the crowd. It was pretty obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes that Vince McMahon had something special with the Macho Man character, and it wouldn’t be long before he won he WWF Intercontinental Championship, changing the legacy of that particular title forever.

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