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Batista: WWE World Champion To Guardian Of The Galaxy

In January 2003, the wrestling world was witness to the creation of one of the most iconic modern day stables, Evolution. The concept was simple, yet genius. Triple H would form a stable to help him hold on to the World Championship. He would recruit the greatest World Champion of all time, “Nature BoyRic Flair, and two of the most promising young talents on WWE‘s roster. They would represent wrestling’s past, present, and future. Hence the name, Evolution. Originally though, Batista wasn’t picked to be part of the group. His spot was initially given to Mark Jindrak. There’s even video online of the famous Evolution vignettes we’re all familiar with, except these feature Jindrak in Batista’s place. The story behind the switch, as confirmed by Jindrak himself, was that Jindrak was too wild and immature at the time, so the decision was made by WWE officials to replace him with “The Animal.” Jindrak himself has said “It was mine to lose and I dropped the ball.” He also admitted that Batista “Fit better” as part of the group. Still though, its crazy to think what would have been had Jindrak held on to his spot. What would have become of Batista? Would he still have reached the top of the business? Would Jindrak have been a future World Champion instead of working for CMLL in Mexico? We’ll never know.

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