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Wow, it’s WOW – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

It was a tag team takeover as three of the four matches on last Saturday’s WOW were tag matches, with the main event determining the two finalists to face off for the WOW Tag Team Championship in next week’s season finale. This episode also features the return of the Honorary Slammy! This time around look for me in the crowd (this is me here being headlocked by The Dixie Darlings for reference). Starting with this episode I’ll be in the crowd for the next several episodes, first one to leave a comment that they found me gets an Honorary Slammy! WOW opened as always with a recap of last week’s episode, if you need a recap I got you covered here. Also, if you missed any of WOW season 2 you can get caught up this coming Saturday, November 23 on AXS TV!

One more quick note – if you haven’t read my interview with the IQ Superior Samantha Smart yet please check it out here – intellectual enlightenment awaits you!

The show opened with a video package hyping the match between The Bully Busters and Samantha Smart’s curated team of The Disciplinarian and Abilene Maverick, highlighting the issues between Stephy Slays and Maverick and noting that tonight Slays could finally get the chance to meet her tormentor in the ring.

Match One: The Bully Busters (Stephy Slays and Keta Rush) Vs The Disciplinarian (with Samantha Smart) and “The Governor’s Daughter” Abilene Maverick

  • Commentary noted Maverick made a very quick recovery from her “tragic” neck injury.
  • The match opened with an ambush attempt by Disciplinarian and Maverick that was thwarted via dual dropkicks from The Bully Busters.
  • Slays and Disciplinarian opened the contest, but Maverick quickly distracted Slays from the apron, allowing The Disciplinarian to pounce.
  • Slays managed to escape trouble in the corner and tag in her partner. Keta Rush regained control of the match for her team.
  • With the referee distracted, the heels used a 3 on 1 attack to gain the advantage in the bout.
  • Brief tension between teammates when Maverick tagged herself in, but they managed to stay on the same page.
  • When in the contest, Maverick took every opportunity she could to taunt Slays on the apron.
  • Rush managed to counter an abdominal stretch into a headlock that Maverick couldn’t break, so she waved in Disciplinarian. Rush countered their team up attempt into a headlock/headscissors takeover, giving her a window to tag in Slays, who came in on fire.
  • Slays and Rush hit a few double-team maneuvers on Disciplinarian.
  • Despite being distracted by fighting between Rush and Maverick, the referee managed to count the three when Slays landed a sunset flip on The Disciplinarian to get the win for The Bully Busters.

After a commercial break, Abilene Maverick told The Disciplinarian and Samantha Smart that she is done and that they are on their own, ending their partnership. She also told The Disciplinarian that she needed to get some anger management and “maybe you could learn a little bit of discipline.” The Disciplinarian then yelled at Maverick as she left the locker room.

Next a video package was shown highlighting The Dixie Darlings and how their fun loving ways led to a beatdown from Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal following their boot stealing prank, leading to a match between the southern belles.

Match Two: Southern Pride (Amber O’Neal and Jessie Jones) Vs The Dixie Darlings (Jolene and Jolynn)

  • Jones and O’Neal are now known as Southern Pride (they were briefly called Grits and Glam).
  • Jones got on the mic to say that the only reason they lost in the Tag Team Series was because they were without their boots, and now that they got the boot robbers in the ring they’re going to “beat the bricks off em.”
  • Jones and O’Neal attacked The Darlings the second they got in the ring, but The Darlings recovered to take Southern Pride out with stereo clotheslines, then followed up by whipping Jones and O’Neal into each other.
  • Jolene and O’Neal started the match off proper, but Jones nailed Jolene in the back with a kick, giving her team the early advantage.
  • With the referee inadvertently distracted by Jolynn, O’Neal came in and they crossface/crab combo’d Jolene. O’Neal then stayed in the match without a tag.
  • Jolene managed to backslide O’Neal down for a three count, but the ref never saw it because he was distracted by Jones.
  • While in a Jones facelock, Jolene managed to push Jones to her corner and make the tag to her sister, but the ref missed the tag via distraction by O’Neal.
  • Jolene, bleeding from a bloody nose, blocked two O’Neal suplex attempts and hit her with a DDT. She then made the hot tag to Jolynn, who brought the fight to the tagged in Jones.
  • Jolynn took an extra moment to play to the crowd before a turnbuckle splash attempt. Jones used to delay to dodge and wrenched Jolynn’s shoulder on the top rope. O’Neal then knocked Jolene off the apron while Jones applied her armbar on Jolynn, who was forced to tap out.
  • After the match, Jones warned against anyone messing with their gear in the future.

Commentary noted how Lana Star fed The Lioness to The Beast last episode and that The Lioness was getting a shot at redemption against Khloe Hurtz. Star and The Lioness were shown backstage, with Star telling The Lioness to do things “the Lana Star way,” then stating “they’ll learn to never underestimate me.”

After commercial, a video was shown of “The All Natural” Khloe Hurtz, showing the highs and lows of having her Ring Ratz at ringside, as in the past they’ve provided valuable assistance but also cost her matches. Video was then shown from last week of her firing The Ring Ratz.

Match Three: “The All Natural” Khloe Hurtz vs The Lioness (with Lana Star)

  • Lana Star was the first to hit the ring. She grabbed a mic and promised we’d see a new Lioness, noting they’re sick and tired of everyone trying to take advantage of them. When The Lioness came out, she was accompanied by her dancers, and she performed a brief song for the audience.
  • Commentary noted they were worried about The Lioness based on Lana Star’s previous track record of using her clients solely for her own gain.
  • Hurtz took control of the match early and kept it until she allowed herself to get distracted by the referee. When her attention was turned back to The Lioness, Hurtz was met by a boot to the midsection and a powerful body slam.
  • Following a spinning heel kick, The Lioness went for a cover. Hurtz put her foot on the rope but Star pushed it off, forcing Hurtz to kick out instead. Hurtz and Star exchanged words after.
  • After squatting The Lioness around the ring and dropping her to the mat, Lana Star jumped on the apron. Hurtz went to confront Star, but got distracted by her own reflection in the mirror Star was holding. Hurtz then turned back to The Lioness, but with the referee distracted by The Lioness, Star nailed Hurtz in the back of the head with the mirror, knocking Hurtz out. Lioness then made the cover for the win.

Match Four: Triple Threat Elimination Match: The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) Vs Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead Vs Fire and Adrenaline

  • This match is the semi-final in the WOW Tag Team Series. When one team gets eliminated, the remaining two teams will face off against each other in the finals for the WOW Tag Team Championship.
  • This match featured two referees, one inside the ring and one outside.
  • All the teams took advantage of the triple threat rules early, but the first team disadvantaged by them was Fire and Adrenaline. After unsuccessfully attempting to take down Havok with a series of shoulder blocks, Holidead tagged in an unsuspecting Adrenaline, then brought her into the ring the hard way and left her for Havok.
  • The Monsters of Madness worked together against Adrenaline, but Adrenaline surprised Havok with a headscissors takedown. Adrenaline made her way to her corner and tagged in Fire, while Holidead tagged in with Havok momentarily stunned. Havok did not take kindly to the blind tag and got in Holidead’s face. As the two stared each other down, Fire hit them both with a dropkick. She then went for a crossbody on Holidead, but was caught and then slammed to the mat.
  • Havok tagged herself in to the chagrin of Holidead. Facing Fire and Adrenaline’s corner, Havok locked Fire in a Boston crab. Adrenaline then climbed the top rope and attempted a cross body, but Havok saw it coming and caught her, then hit her with the Air Raid Crash.
  • After Fire made a desperation tag to Holidead, everybody (except Adrenaline) came in and hit moves on everybody. After Siren took Fire out with a DDT, her and Holidead squared off with the Monsters. After a few moments of hoss fighting, Havok hit the Air Raid Crash, this time on Holidead, and pinned her to win the match, setting up The Monsters of Madness Vs Fire and Adrenaline for the WOW Tag Team Championship. The Monsters celebrated the victory in the ring as Fire and Adrenaline looked on with concern as the show went off the air.




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