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Jim Cornette & Wife Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Grooming Talent In OVW

Jim Cornette and Wife Stacy Cornette - Wrestling Examiner

Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey have been accused of sexual misconduct by independent wrestler Phil Early, who took to Twitter to talk about it. He claims that Cornette’s wife Stacey, who used to work in OVW as Synn, attempted to groom him early in is career. She sent him unasked for lewd photos attempting to groom him for sexual purposes. Ealry alleges that Cornette would require certain OVW talent to “perform sexual acts on his wife, many times with him watching.”

Early said that a close friend of his was “groomed and basically brainwashed by them for YEARS. When he finally escaped, Stacy went to great lengths to not only terrorize him, but to actively try to have other wrestlers physically assault him.” Stacey supposedly sent him pictures that showed his friend’s tires slashed and bragged that she could make sure he lost his job and apartment. She would also brag about having protection from the Kentucky Wrestling Commission.

Earley shared several screenshots from Stacey that would back up his story. Unfortunately we were not able to post all pictures below due to some having censored nude pictures, but you can check it out here if you are interested.

Former OVW Heavyweight Champion added to the allegations by posting that Cornette “sent Stacy after me to recruit me.” Earley also retweeted a user who said that they “personally watched Jimmy and Synn chase an 18 or 19 year old hostess at cheddars, offering alcohol among other things to get her back to the ‘hot tub’.” Body Guy who is also an OVW alumi backed up the allegations by Earley.

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