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Highspots Wrestling Network Adds Best of Kevin Steen, Timeline of ECW With Raven & Much More

Highspots - Wrestling Examiner

A few new additions have been added to the Highspots Wrestling Network. The new additions include Best of Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) and Timeline of ECW with Hardcore Icon, Raven.

Check out all the new additions to the Highspots Wrestling Network below.

The Interview w/ Alicia Atout: Madi Maxx

The Interview Queen is back and on this edition of “The Interview” she is joined by Madi Maxx!

Learn about important topics like why Madi hates biscuits, why she loves Jeffree Star, and how she got into wrestling!

Plus Bonus matches and promos from Queens Of Combat featuring “Daddy’s Girl” Madi Maxx!

Timeline of ECW: 1996 Raven

Some say it was the pinnacle of the entire ECW movement. It was the year 1996 and the company was all wrestling fans could talk about. The crew of misfits and rebels were becoming stars and to hear this current guest describe it…the life of excess would mark 96 as one of the “lost years.” But Raven remembers enough to take you inside the renegade federation in this explosive year of 1996.

Raven was ECW World Champion and would have now legendary feuds with Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. The company was smoking hot and these guys were the ones stoking the flames and now Raven sits down to fill you in on all that was happening on screen and behind the scenes in another edition of Timeline: The History of ECW!

Timeline of WWE: 1977/78 Billy Graham

It was before Hogan, before Ventura, and before charisma counted as much, perhaps more so, as mat skills. It was 1977 in New York and Bruno’s run would soon come to an end.

Enter The Superstar…

Superstar Billy Graham burst onto the scene in the WWWF, unseated Bruno Sammartino, and rewrote the rulebook for pro wrestling heels. And now he wants you to join him on a journey to that pivotal year, where he’ll tell you everything that was happening within the walls of the largest wrestling federation in the world!

We pick up the action in April of 1977, just before Graham gets the strap, and we follow the action into 1978, when Backlund takes it.

The Sammartino title change

the McMahons

the “Wiz”



the backroom dealings

missed opportunities

Albano’s antics

working the blade

the TV Tapings

…all that and EVERYTHING that was happening in 1977/78 in WWE!!!

Best Of The Kevin Steen Show: Vol 1

Highlights of The Kevin Steen Show featuring The Young Bucks, Jay Lethal, Chris Hero, Adam Cole, Chuck Taylor, Jimmy Jacobs, Rich Swann, Excalibur, Paul London, The Smash Bros, Kyle O’Reilly, Drake Younger, Tommaso Ciampa, Nigel McGuiness & more! Plus promos, rare footage and Kevin Steen VS Masato Tanaka from Wrestlecon 2014.

Wrestling Open Forum: Episode 3: 5.16.2020

On this episode of the #WOFShow Patrick and Dutch discuss the recent comments from ACH about how he handled the WWE situation, Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement and where the women’s division is headed, and their favorite rivalries from the past. A very fun show with great discussions. Hope you enjoy!!

Leave comments and/or topics you’d like us to cover on social media using #WOFShow and make sure you visit the official WOF website at www.wrestlingopenforum.com for other media and merchandise.

You can check these shows out at: http://www.highspots.com/

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