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Francine Responds to Rumors That She Got Bigger Breast Implants

Francine - Wrestling Examiner

Former WWE, TNA, star and ECW’s Queen of Extreme Francine recently took to Twitter to respond to people who were speculating that she had bigger breast implants after a video she posted.

Francine stated that she didn’t get bigger implants, in fact, she actually had her old implants removed as they ruptured years ago. She said that her breasts are now bigger because she has gained some weight compared to before when she wasn’t able to due to having a high metabolism.

Francine tweeted,

“For those of you who were asking: No I didn’t get bigger implants. In fact, I no longer have implants since they have both ruptured. I have gained weight since ECW so my thighs, torso and boobs are bigger. And that’s okay. 👍🏼”

“And to those who keep saying “you are healthy now” please stop. I was healthy back then. Don’t let some idiot sheet writers let you think otherwise. I couldn’t gain weight back then, even though I was on weigh gainers. I wasn’t unhealthy, I just had a very high metabolism.”

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