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Bray Wyatt Wants A Match Against Jerry Lawler

On the latest Jerry Lawler Show podcast, host and RAW Commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler recently answered questions from his fans. One fan asked Lawler who in the WWE today he would he like to face if he had the chance. “Miz would be excellent to work with,” said Jerry Lawler. He felt the chemistry between them from their bouts in 2011 would make it easy to have some good matches.

Lawler went on to talk about how Bray Wyatt said he wanted a match against the ‘King of Memphis.’ “And you know, after we did the little thing a while back on Monday Night Raw (August 2019), before I was back doing commentary. I just came on for a guest appearance. Bray Wyatt came to me afterwards and he said ‘King I would love to work with you down in Memphis.’”

Jerry Lawler had a heart attack back in 2013 during a live episode of RAW, which would make the bout extremely unlikely. It was reported that Lawler had been pronounced clinically dead for about five minutes before he was resuscitated. Lawler has stated multiple times that he can’t get physical on WWE television, but he still wrestles once in a while on the independent scene.

Talking about his time in Memphis Lawler said  “I just thought back then, what matches I could have had. Because he [Wyatt] was the perfect kind of villain that we would bring in. The big scary monster type. That’s the kind of people that I love to work with, and have matches with.”

Jerry Lawler finished by saying “I would love to have a match with Bray Wyatt or The Fiend either way.”

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