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Dear WrestleMania…An Open Letter

March 23rd 1997. That’s the day you re-entered my life. We were having family gathering, and being a 7 year old boy I was bored and agitated. Then someone, I’ll never know who, turned on the tv and put it on the pay-per-view channel. Boom! There you were, WrestleMania 13. You looked different now, but it was definitely you. For the next 3 hours I was glued to the television. The Nation of Domination vs. The Legion of Doom and Ahmed Johnson in a Chicago Street Fight, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog vs. Mankind and Vader for the Tag Team Championships, Undertaker vs Psycho Sid for the WWF Championship, and of course Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a submission match. Watching the blood pour down Austin’s face before he passed out instead of submitting to the Sharpshooter was the coolest thing 7 year old me ever saw. From that point forward, I religiously watched WWF television just waiting for my next chance to see you again.

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