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Lucha Underground S3.EP19 Review – Gods Among Men (Video)

It’s cold in the city and as the darkness begins to cloud over Boyle Heights, inside The Temple in Dario Cueto‘s Office, El Jefe meets with Mr. Delgado. They engage in a conversation of the Gauntlet which was presented to Cage after winning his best of five match against Texano. The conversation is about the Gauntlet and it’s power that is consuming Cage. Mr.Delgado is here to see the mystical powers of the Gauntlet first hand and Dario Cueto cannot wait to show him. As they sit in his office having a drink and speaking of  The Gods they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Dario Cueto gives the order to enter and Dragon Azteca Jr. opens the door. Dario greets Dragon Azteca Jr. and tells him that it looks like he is all healed up, referring to the beating that Matanza Cueto gave him. Dario proceeds to introduce him to Mr.Delgado, but Dragon Azteca Jr. is not here to make new friends and let’s Dario know that. He is here to settle his beef with Matanza tonight. Dario tries to explain to Dragon Azteca Jr. that he did not send his brother to destroy him, but Dragon Azteca Jr. enraged that Matanza broke Rey Misterio’s back at Aztec Warfare, is ready to go to war against The Monster Matanza. But not only does Dragon Azteca Jr. want to fight Matanza tonight, he wants him in a Death Match! Dario Cueto does not hesitate to give Dragon Azteca Jr. his match, he picks up the phone and proceeds to makes the changes for tonight’s Main Event.

As The Believers await tonight’s battles, Metalachi once again is rocking the place with their unique blend of Metal infused Mariachi tunes. At the commentators table Matt Striker is giving us the scoop on tonight’s change in the main event and a quick insight into all that has been going down in The Temple. As Matt Striker goes into talking of tonight’s Death Match, he couldn’t  help to mention The Man of a Thousand Deaths, Mil Muertes. Vampiro stops Striker right there, and looks up at the camera and sends a personal message to Mil Muertes. Vampiro is pissed!! As we saw in last weeks episode Mil Muertes came out and attacked Vampiro at the commentators table and finished him off in the ring, while Prince Puma watched. Vampiro sends a threatening message and tells Mil Muertes that his clock is ticking and when the hand stops he will have something coming to him. Matt Striker brings Vampiro‘s attention back into tonight’s first match and Melissa Santos takes it away.

In tonight’s first match we get to see the “Mexican Titan” Texano take on “The King of Sleaze” Joey Ryan. The Believers cringe at the sight of Joey Ryan lathering up his body with baby oil as he is introduced. Texano is left with a look of disgust and gestures to Official Rick Knox about all the baby oil on Joey Ryan‘s chest. Rick Knox shakes his head and gives the order to ring the bell. As if the baby oil was not already sleazy enough, before the match begins Joey takes his lollipop out of his mouth and puts it inside of his trunks. Texano wraps up Joey Ryan and exchange various holds until Texano capitalizes on Joey as he tries to set up Texano for an irish whip. Texano proceeds to lay the beat down on Joey Ryan and goes for a unsuccessful pin after delivering a Sling Shot Shoulder Block from the outside apron. Joey Ryan rolls out of the ring and lures Texano right into his trap. Joey rolls back into the ring, as Texano gives chase he manages to sneak in some offense that sends Texano out of the ring. Joey Ryan is now dominating Texano and tossing him up against the metal fencing that surrounds The Believers of The Temple. Joey Ryan‘s sleaziness is oozing out his pores as he gains momentum! With Texano momentarily out in the center of the ring, Joey Ryan reintroduces his lollipop that has been soaking up the sweat of his flower print trunks and puts it back into his mouth! The Believers Pop and are now jumping out of their seats uncontrollably! As Joey continues the abuse on Texano, Famous-B and Beautiful Brenda make an appearance in full on cowboy gear. They make there way to the ring and apparently are here to be in Texano‘s corner. Texano is confused and seems to have nothing to do with Famous-B‘s and Beautiful Brenda presence. Texano refocused on the match and hits Joey Ryan across the face with a punch as he runs at him in the corner, he then hits Joey a second time with a forearm that leaves Joey a bit groggy. Texano takes advantage of this opportunity and climbs up the second rope and delivers a devastating legdrop onto Joey’s chest. Texano goes for the cover, but The King of Sleaze will not go down that easy. Joey tries to comeback as he goes for a running Sunset Flip but Texano rolls out of it and gives Joey Ryan a tremendous knee strike to his face. Texano attempts a second pin but Joey kicks out at the two count. Joey tries to hit Texano with a running clothesline but Texano evades and hits him with a nice Tilt A Whirl Back Breaker. Texano saddles Joey up on the ropes and runs at him in full speed with a nasty dropkick that sends Joey flying outside of the ring. Outside of the ring Joey Ryan is shaking the dust off his furry body and is aware that Texano is going to attempt a dive. Joey ducks right before Texano makes his dive and makes the cocky mistake of turning his back to him unaware that Texano is still standing in the ring. Joey pays for his mistake and as he turns back to look at Texano. Texano jumps over the top rope and drops on Joey like a ton of bricks. This makes Famous-B and Beautiful Brenda go into a frenzy of silly cowboy gestures and comedic antics. Texano rolls Joey into the ring and attempts to go high risk of the top turnbuckle but ends up getting rejected by the King of Sleaze. This leads into Joey giving Texano a Pump Handle Suplex and tops it off with a Sleazy Super Kick. Joey goes for the cover and Rick Knox hits the mat, but unfortunately it is only a two count. Joey Ryan frustrated that he cant keep The Mexican Titan down, goes for Texano’s Lariat that hangs in his corner. Famous-B sees Joey’s intentions and goes over to stop him. As Rick Knox gets distracted by the tug of war going on between Joey And Famous-B, Beautiful Brenda has another trick in her boot and hands Texano a golden horseshoe. Joey Ryan takes his attention away from Famous-B and Official Rick Knox and gets blind sided by Texano with a vicious right punch to the face with the golden horseshoe. Texano tosses the horseshoe back to Beautiful Brenda and covers Joey Ryan to get the three count. Famous-B and Beautiful Brenda join Texano in the ring to celebrate their victory but Texano doesn’t seem to know what to think of all this. Texano walks away leaving Famous-B and Beautiful Brenda in the ring as they continue celebrating.

The Mid-Season Finale would not be complete without The Lucha Underground Champion making an in ring appearance for all his beloved followers. Johnny Mundo goes on to name all of the fallen who have been defeated by his greatness. He then goes on to show some love to his fellow friends and partners in crime, Pj Black and Jack Evans. Johnny Mundo then tones things down and gets rather serious as he excuses his friends out of the ring and begins to speak of the number one contender for The Lucha Underground Championship. Johnny continues with the mind games and insults toward The Mack, and speaks on how The Mack does not deserve to share the same ring as him. The Champ proceeds to say that The Mack is not built to go all night long and that he will find out when they meet to have their title match. Johnny Mundo raises the title as he looks out at all The Believers, but as he continue his speech The Mack runs into the ring to give Mundo a surprise ass whooping that leaves him calling out for security. The Mack continues to give Johnny Mundo a classic South Central Beat Down but is separated as security arrive to break up the chaos. The Mack not finished with Mundo begins to hand out Stunners to all who get in his way. Every security guard in that ring received a special present from The Mack. As the bodies cleared out and The Mack remains the only man standing in the ring, he let’s Johnny Mundo know that he is ready to whoop his ass All-Night-Long!

As we know The Temple has an open door policy to anyone who is brave enough to do combat, and in tonight’s second match we see a newcomer that goes by the name of Veneno who will try and make his mark in The Temple.  This will be no easy task as he is set to face The Machine Cage. But there is something different about Cage, he walks into the ring with The Gauntlet that Dario Cueto presented to him after he defeated Texano in a best of five series. One thing is certain Veneno picked the wrong day to make his debut as The Believers welcome him with the friendly chant of “Cage is gonna KILL YOU!” Veneno takes the fight to Cage as the bell rings and catches him off guard. Veneno with the speed advantage over Cage manages to get in a couple of strong hits and Lucha style offense that does not seem to have any effect on The Machine. Cage finally catches the little spider with a roaring Discus Elbow leaving flat on the ground. As Cage walks over to pick up Veneno he yells out to The Believers and says,”He Aint Getting Up From This”, and  sets up Veneno for a devastating Screwdriver. This gives Cage the win and leaves Veneno laying on the mat a broken man. Cage looks as if he is suffering from separation anxiety goes to his corner to put on his Gauntlet. As the Official goes to raise Cage’s hand, Cage shoves the Official into the ropes and almost begins to give him a beat down of his own.  Cage then looks out to The Believers and raises his gauntlet high into the air and makes his way out of the ring. As the newcomer Veneno lays in pain in the middle of the ring, Sexy Star rushes in and tells him “It was you!” then goes into hitting him with a running boot to his face. Veneno stunned by the vicious strike looks up at Sexy Star and she let’s him know not to mess with her. What a debut for Veneno I wonder if we will see him return after the hospitality that Cage and Sexy Star gave him.

Darkness is rising and back  in the training room Prince Puma is tormented by the voices in his head as he is struggling to stay focused on his training. Catrina appears out of the shadows and explains to Puma that she knows what he is going through. She let’s Puma know that it is like that for all who cross over into the spirit realm, because she is also tormented by all the voices. Prince Puma shares some of his torment with Catrina as he describes a vision that he can’t get out of his head and it is filled with blood and lots of pain, but it’s not his blood its Mil Muertes. As the two stare at each other Catrina shares a similar vision, but her version ends with the demise of Prince Puma. Catrina vanishes into thin air and Prince Puma is left alone. Enraged by what Catrina has told him, Prince Puma rages with aggression and sends the punching bag flying of its chain as he strikes it with his Escrima Stick.

As the night continues Melissa Santos is in the ring to announce tonight’s main event. A Death Match between Dragon Azteca Jr. and The Monster Matanza is about to take place in the Temple and The Believers are ready for the violence! Dragon Azteca Jr. is greeted with open arms by The Believers as he makes his way to the ring. He’s out for revenge and is confident that he can bring down the Monster Matanza. Matanza and his brother Dario Cueto do not get the same response as they make their way down but they look focused and scary as hell as they walk down the steps that lead into the squared circle. It looks like The Believers have chosen a side and choose to channel their energy toward Dragon Azteca Jr. Let’s hope that their faith is acknowledged by The Gods and gives Dragon Azteca Jr. the gift of victory.  As both Warriors stand in the ring Senior Official Marty Elias joins them and sets this match into motion as he gives the command to ring the bell. Dragon Azteca Jr. with the speed advantage dodges Matanza as he rushes toward him, Matanza runs into the the turnbuckle and Dragon Azteca Jr. hits him with a combination of various kick strikes. As Dragon Azteca Jr. tries to whip Matanza into the corner, Matanza’s strength will not allow it and shoots Dragon Azteca Jr. into the opposite corner. Matanza attempts to destroy Dragon Azteca Jr. with a running clothesline but Dragon Azteca Jr. has already jumped onto the apron and delivers a second rope drop kick that barely moves The Monster. Dragon Aztec Jr. continues his offensive Lucha Libre strategy but gets caught by The Monster Matanza as he attempts a Hurricanrana which leads to Matanza dropping him with a tremendous Back Drop. Matanza gains the upper hand and is bashing Dragon Azteca Jr. with his fists. Matanza pauses momentarily as he looks toward the commentators table, Vampiro is shocked and asks Striker,”What did you do?” Luckily for them Matanza was not interested in either of them but his focus was on the steel chair that laid by the commentators area. Dario Cueto reminds Matanza that this is a Death Match as he sets the steel chair in his corner. Matanza leaves Dragon Azteca Jr. long enough for him to regain his energy and kicks Matanza as he goes to pick him up. They exchange strikes and it seems that Matanza has got Dragon Aztec Jr. where he wants him but Dragon Azteca Jr. takes to the sky and lands an explosive Pop-Up Hurricanrana. Matanza still standing rushes Dragon Azteca Jr. and tosses him into the corner and attempts to whip Dragon Azteca Jr. against the steel chair in the opposite corner. Dragon Azteca Jr. aware of the steel chair manages to not make contact and leaps over Matanza as he tries to run over The Luchador. A sadistic Matanza grabs the steel chair and looks to Dragon Azteca Jr. but as he goes to strike him down, Dragon Azteca Jr. plants a devastating Super Kick into the steel chair and hits The Monster Matanza across his face. Matanza shakes off the turbulence from the chair shot and runs at Dragon Azteca Jr. with a clothesline, but fails to make contact. Dragon Azteca Jr. throws the steel chair at Matanza and sends him stumbling out of the ring. Dragon Azteca Jr. gives Matanza no time to regroup and proceeds to use the steel chair as platform to dive over the top rope hitting Matanza with a beautiful Front Flip dive. With both men on the floor The Believers crowd around them screaming LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! Dragon Azteca Jr. gets up and starts bombing on Matanza with wild strikes, but as he is striking him Matanza gets up while holding on to Dragon Azteca Jr. He has him in a Firemans Carry position and toss him into the ring post, this leads to a series of brutal attacks. Matanza tosses Dragon Azteca Jr. into the wall and continues the abuse by slamming him up against the steel fencing that surrounds The Believers. Dragon Azteca looks dead as Matanza carries him over his shoulder up the flight of stairs the cuts through The Temple’s bleacher section. As Matanza reaches the top area he drops Dragon Azteca Jr. onto the steel railing, but Dragon Azteca Jr. still alive throws a couple of harmless kicks that only make The Monster more furious. The Monster looks to finish of The Dragon with a Powerbomb but Dragon Azteca Jr. fights his way out of it. Dragon Azteca Jr. is fighting for his life and is giving it all that he’s got. He runs toward Matanza and is sent flying in the air but he catches himself on a steel beam and hits Matanza with a Front Flip Dive of the steel beam. The Believers pop as Dragon Azteca Jr. seems to have some momentum against The Monster Matanza. But this is not enough to keep The Monster down! As both of these warriors struggle to get the upper hand, Dragon Azteca Jr. catches Matanza with a deadly Hurricanrana that sends Matanza flying down the concrete steps. Matanza grabs the railing to prevent him from rolling all the way down the steps. Dragon Azteca Jr. has to take advantage of this opportunity and as he walks towards Matanza, Matanza hits him with a punch to the abdominal region. This sets into motion a series  of vicious attacks that eventually set up Dragon Azteca Jr. for his demise. As they make their way into The Believers in the bleacher section Matanza continues to chop down Dragon Azteca Jr. to a point where he is no longer able to defend against Matanza’s offense. Matanza wastes no time and grabs Dragon Aztec Jr. by his neck and steps over the railing to deliver a devastating Chokeslam that sends Dragon Azteca Jr. through the hardwood steps! The Believers are out of their seats, the atmosphere is chaotic and Matanza Cueto has just defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. Dario Cueto raises the key that hangs from his neck and Matanza immediately goes to his brother. As Dario and Matanza Cueto are in the ring celebrating their victory, Rey Misterio Jr. arrives to his friends aid and demands medical attention for Dragon Azteca Jr. The Monster Matanza blood boils at the sight of his nemesis and makes his way up to the bleacher section taking down all who stand in his way. No one is safe from The Monster, not even The Believers! Matanza makes his way up to Rey Misterio Jr. and they begin to brawl it out amongst the fans! The intensity has reached an extreme high and The Gods are loving it! Matanza tosses Rey Misterio Jr. over the top railing back into the standing room. Rey Misterio Jr. battles it out with The Monster and he feels the wrath of Matanza when he slams him into the steel box that hangs above the upper level. Matanza continues to destroy Misterio as he slams him against the steel fence, Rey Misterio Jr. hits Matanza with a few hard kicks and punches, but it’s not enough to stop the abuse. Rey Misterio Jr. looks hurt and is holding on to the railing to hold him up, Matanza is looking to finish of Misterio and runs toward him like a bull out of his cage! But Rey Misterio Jr. ends up slaying the bull as he flips him over the railing and sends him crashing through the roof! This makes The Believers go nuts and makes Dario Cueto loose his shit as he demands that everyone get out of The Temple. The King has returned and the future of Dragon Azteca Jr. and Matanza Cueto are uncertain. But one thing that is clear is that Rey Misterio Jr. is no longer hurt and is here to reclaim his throne. (Watch the full Match Below)

As the night comes to an end, Marty The Moth is hanging around The Temple creeping on Melissa Santos. As he creeps from a distance he gets ambushed from behind and wakes up tied up in a room. A light clicks on and off to expose his captor, Mariposa! She has few words for Marty but makes it known to him that he has her attention. She is aware that Marty is no longer a little boy and is convinced that he has seen the light. As Marty sits tied up defenseless on the floor, Mariposa hits him with a vicious punch and walks away. Marty is left alone laughing with a sadistic laugh and continues to repeat the words” I did good, I did good!”

The night is now officially over as this episode come to an end. Dario Cueto has closed the doors to The Believers and there is no telling when he will re-open the gates to The Temple. Matanza Cueto has been defeated once again by Rey Misterio Jr. but unfortunately not before Matanza got his hands on Dragon Azteca Jr. Cage has no idea that the Dark Powers of The Gauntlet are consuming him and continues to wear it. The Mack is set to face The Champ Johnny Mundo in a All-Night-Long! match as soon as The Temple opens its doors again. The Lucha Underground Realm is the only place where you can get sci-fi, horror, and wrestling all rolled into one fat joint! The wait begins as we say farewell for the moment, and count down the days until the gates to The Temple open once again.

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