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Insight On AEW/AAA Relationship From Konnan

Konnan - WrestlingExaminer

On the latest episode of “Keepin it 100” podcast Konnan was asked about the relationship between AAA and AEW. Konnan believes that when AEW realized the grind of doing weekly television they decided to change course and that’s why we haven’t seen much between both companies.

“When (AEW) first started they were very high on El Hijo del Vikingo, they were very high on Laredo Kid,” said Konnan.

Disco Inferno adds that Vampiro also have been high on Vikingo.

“Well he actually discovered him, Vamp’s the one that discovered him. When I got to AAA, Vamp hadn’t used him. I was like ‘how come you’re never on TV? How long has it been since you’ve been on TV? He said ‘like 5 months’ I was ‘bro, you need to be on TV every week.’ So, he was just one of the guys I started to push.”

Konnan then talked about AEW’s interest in Laredo Kid

“They wanted El Hijo del Vikingo, they talked to Laredo Kid and then just as Laredo Kid was about to sign, he got on this humongous reality show in Mexico and he was there for like 3 or 4 months, so they’ve been interested.”

Konnan then goes on to talk about how he feels that AEW changed their approach after realizing the weekly grind of television.

“This is what I think, I think that once they got in there and they saw the grind of what weekly TV is and everything that it entails, they’ve got bigger things to do than right now bring in AAA wrestlers but I’m sure they’re going to bring in some people in the future and we’re going to keep bringing in people from AEW.”


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