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Why The WWE Universe Hates Roman Reigns

Even with his inability to get over with fans, WWE hasn’t shown any signs of moving on from Roman Reigns. Even a failed drug test and subsequent 30 day suspension couldn’t make WWE change their high opinion of him. It’s crazy to think that in a world where Titus O’ Neil can be suspended for 90 days for touching Vince McMahon‘s arm on tv, that Reigns can fail a PED drug test, which reinforces a negative stereotype about wrestling, and still not lose his spot in a main event title match. Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones both failed drug tests in the UFC and you won’t see either man main eventing any pay-per-views for them anytime soon, if ever again. Reigns is indeed a talented athlete who’s full of potential, but WWE has a roster full of guys like that. Reigns hasn’t done anything to justify the high spot he’s received on WWE’s card, and fans have chosen to support other wrestlers because of that. The days of a company telling fans who to like are gone. It may not be right, but now a days fans tell a company who they like, and who they want to see in big matches. Fans never gave WWE the indication that Reigns was one of those guys. They cheered for him in The Shield, but that was for the group as a whole, not Reigns specifically. Who knows what could have happened if WWE had booked things differently. What if Reigns was chosen to be the one who broke the group up instead of Rollins? Reigns turning on his Shield brothers to form a heel faction with his real life cousins, The Usos, could have made for a compelling story line and it could’ve launched Reigns into super stardom. It’s never too late to try and hit reset on Reigns, many legendary wrestlers didn’t reach their true potential until well into their careers. Maybe Reigns’ relationship with the fans will get a happy ending like in Tommy Dreamer‘s case, but WWE will have to do some serious work to get there. For the time being, the fans hate Roman Reigns, and the blame is squarely on WWE’s shoulders. They took a promising prospect and over booked him to the point where fans want nothing to do with him anymore. The rehabilitation of Roman Reigns’ character will be a long and grueling process, but if done right it will give WWE the superstar they’ve been hoping to get. A true heir to John Cena.

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