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What It Shall Be: NXT 2017 Aug 23

Man o’ man do I enjoy me some Peyton Royce and Billy Kay! Great budding characters, and terrific chemistry together! Yes, we are in another taped match. I really don’t mind a taped match (drr, it’s NXT), but taping matches during the big, live event to be showed painfully evident into the next week is something we should no longer have to deal with. With that, the match was fine. A debuting Sarah Logan ultimately lost to the much smoother Peyton Royce. Logan had some very decent offensive, and the crowd was into it, but she fell hard to a bodaciously executed Perfect-plex. So far my favorite part of the show.


I can’t speculate too much on this new Birth of the Dragon movie, but it looks surprisingly good! Will watch.

It actually look like a real movie! Not to say all of WWE Studios’ movies are awful, but have you seen The Chaperone? I am much more hopeful for this one.

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