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What It Shall Be: NXT 2017 Aug 23

You know what my favorite part of being a devout WWE Network subscriber is? Watching ads for the WWE Network!! Good lord, can we do something about this? Of course I’m going to watch No Mercy… is there not some kind of algorithm that can be applied to individual accounts to gain some kind of demographically controlled commercial break experience? How about a damn thank you title card for being WWE Network since#day 1? Early adopter, forever subscriber. My guy, my guy..

Did I mention the soundtrack is hot af?

No sooner did I link this song did Recap Segment #3 begin. Johnny Gargano lost on Saturday, and he owns it. I wish he wouldn’t talk about his “fairy tale ending” when in actuality he is still very young in his newly-single endeavors.

I would imagine it a weird feeling to be sitting in Barclays, setting up a historical highlight video to be shown five days later while IN BETWEEN LIVE MATCHES. You know, for a woman who supposedly broke her collarbone in a match, Asuka sure isn’t favoring at all during her post-match interview. I’m not convinced.

Pete Dunne is so obviously reading from a card. I’m not worried, it’s a difficult thing to hide. I am very much looking forward to this UK Division tag match later on in this broadcast.

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