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Smackdown Live (Aug. 29): Top 10 Hits & Misses

3 Miss – The Decent Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin - Wrestling Examiner

I cant believe they ruined Baron Corbin’s entrance just to bury the guy. A lot of people seem to hate him, but in my mind that’s just because he’s a true heel. Not that I’m condoning anti-veteran tweets, I understand he’s done some dumb things but his backstage mistakes are negatively impacting my entertainment.

He got his ass kicked by Dillinger then he got forearmed by AJ and no sold it so he could have a temper tantrum. None of it looked good. I could say that there is still hope that this will lead to good story about Corbin spiraling out of control because he lost the briefcase but I’ve learned my lesson. This will lead to nothing.

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