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Smackdown Live (Aug. 29): Top 10 Hits & Misses

10 Hit – Still Glorious

Bobby Roode is good. And there is no doubt he is a great acquisition for Smackdown, especially after losing John Cena. The crowd seems to be fully behind him and his Glorious gimmick as it is easy to get into.

Last week he came out and beat somebody. This week he did the same. It wasn’t bad because a fresh face is always nice. Of course, the standard way of booking NXT call ups is boring to me. It’s not just because it’s formulaic. It defeats the purpose almost entirely. One someone new comes up, I want them to have some type of “specialness” to their arrival. They always stay silent for weeks and have matches with jobbers until they finally have a feud with a Ziggler or somebody.

Still though, this is Bobby Roode. Beer Money is on the Smackdown roster and this is a hit just because of how surreal it is. Something different needs to happen next week though.

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