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Five to the Front: EACSTTROA


Cody Rhodes has been sorely missed in WWE(at least in this typist’s eyes). I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to take the cosmic consummate, clad in full star-bound sex freak regalia, and place him in front of an elementary school class. I do know that it was a damn good idea, though.

Edge, as well as Christian, as well as Stardust, take turns matching up classic Superstars to small children, getting their completely unbiased opinions (Hakeem the African Dream is reduced to being a “squirrel with no head”, for instance). This bit just goes to show that the appeal of E&C goes well beyond basement-dwellers and 30-something dorkazoids. The EACSTTROA is fit for ALL ages; fun for the whole family!

Kids, please get your parents’  permission before enjoying The Edge and Christian Show.



It should be noted that the bits and skits I’ve showcased today are not even close to accurately depicting the quality of this show. Yes, these videos are funny. The actual show is so much better than these Youtube “freeviews” can allow.

Speaking of freeviews, right here at NUMBER 1 is not merely just a bit snip like the other videos, but is it’s own full segment right here on Youtube! A truly historic and monumental bracket was devised to determine the most heinous, epically terrible gimmick in WWE(extended canon) history! Jamie the Intern, and Booker T the three six time World’s Champion break down the bracket in a throwaway bit that is better produced and performed than a solid 60% of WWE’s main-line offerings.

I understand that this is merely a humble offering of bits of bits, but the message here is topical: Where in the F is my Edge and Christian Season 2? The podcast is great; I love the podcast. First of all, do yourself a favor and listen to the Pod of Awesomeness. You’ll thank me for it. How difficult would it be to have that Q&A live on the Network? Or on WWE’s Youtube? How hard is it to film and edit this show? I don’t know everything about anything, but I do know the difference between E&C and GoT. One costs ten million dollars per episode, and the other you can see RIGHT HERE, ON THE WWE NETWORK!

One more real quick so I can try to leave this laptop with a smile on my face. Edge and Christian are all-time great characters, and this show proves it. Bottom line, great show, and I want more.

Hey, guys(and gals [and bots]), thanks for reading! Stop by tomorrow for the 1-2-3’s of What It Shall Be of NXT; it’s the season opener and things are already hot for NEW champ Drew McIntyre.. The big bombshell coming into tonight, though, is the abrupt absence of Asuka! A record-setting champion relinquishes her title leaving a palpable void in the Women’s Division. Does William Regal have a plan? Will someone step up and stake claim? Stay tuned🙂

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