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I’m Wesly Avendano. Life long wrestling fan from a small town in Southern California .Writing and wrestling are two of my passions so why not combine them and see what happens. Favorite all time wrestler is a tie between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Favorite current wrestler is AJ Styles.

Triple H…Best for Business

Triple H WWE Successor - Wrestling Examiner

Sports fans can be very passionate about their favorite teams, and despite not having an actual team to root for, pro wrestling fans aren’t much different. We love the product, but we also love to criticize it relentlessly. Our “love hate” relationship with the business aside, any true wrestling fan …

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Erased! The Tragic Story of Chris Benoit

Erased! The Tragic Story of Chris Benoit - Wrestling Examiner

In the world of sports and sports entertainment, the word “Legacy” takes on a different meaning. An athlete’s legacy is what they leave behind or what people remember for years after they’ve passed away. In pro wrestling, some athletes have long fruitful careers, some have shorter yet more memorable runs, …

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